Low and Drowning

by Crōn

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Recorded by Joe Rizzi at LOWCUT Studio on July 15th, 2011.


released August 1, 2011

Brandon - Bass/Vox
Mykey - Guitar
Robb - Drums

Thanks to Jennifer Henderson, Joe Rizzi, Obi Wan Kenobi, Qui Gon Jinn, the good people responsible for the Port Angeles/Seattle DIY scene and YOU for listening.



all rights reserved


Crōn Seattle, Washington

The name is pronounced "Crone". Formed in late-2010, Crōn has released one full-length cassette and LP, "Low and Drowning", as well as provided their song "Caterpillar" on a split 7"with fellow north-westerners, Northern Bastard.

Lyrical themes tend to include bitterness of self, misanthropy, personal strife, and extreme anger.

Not quite sludge or doom; It's heavy. Check us out live for proof.
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Track Name: Hoof and Nail
Lucid Repugnancy
The wretched stands triumphantly
and claims his kill
King of all
Pig of wealth
as helpless as a child

I see him now impaled
reality consumes me
I am the killer hoof and tail
My victim struggles tooth and nail

Lack of expression
deep sleep
primal instincts
Track Name: The Shame I Wield
The piercing winds cut through me
and the rain purges my will
The dead hands of winter reaching out

I'm on the high road heading home
My quest to redemption is long and far
The torchlight of my future looks so warm

Running from this place
Dark and dismal
My head down
In my hands and weep

Hoping they won't see me
Maybe they don't even know
The shame that I carry
Walking this cold lonesome road
Track Name: Feed The Leech
The eyes of a child
Feeding leeches of man
Innocence lost in the fog
Corruption snuffing the dream

In the eyes of a child
Purity and conviction
perverted and wielded
by vermin of humanity

Black water rising
drowning in the sin
exhale all ambition
and let the violence in
Track Name: Youth Narcotic
Crippled by years
Time is closing in
Feel the life inside
slowly start to fade
Benumbing sensation biting your limbs
and you dream I wish I was seventeen
The clock burns holes in your eyes
as time passes you by

Dirty blonde turning grey
Cataracts blinding haze
Weathered smile, broken mouth
All your teeth busted out

Lusting for youth that you cannot attain
Fiend for a breathe of a forgotten age
Laugh now tired crone, don't let the madness in
Stray from the thin ice of your will to live
Staggering onward to face another day
as body and soul part ways

Left to die all alone
Locked away in a home
Weathered smile, broken mouth
All your teeth busted out

Crippled by years
Feel the life inside
Lusting for youth
That you cannot attain
Youth Narcotic
You live in a dream
When will you wake
from this nightmare?
Track Name: Ill Direction
Life ill node erection
I feel no direction
Track Name: To Take The Throne
To make all your dreams come true
You must skew the rules
Your future lies in 'twain
Take the path of righteousness
or become a king

Hang up that tired skin suit
Climb into the iron cage
Nothing can touch you now
Doomed to die of old age

No risk to take
All spoils to reap
Cashing in scruples
For crown and ring

He who takes the throne
corrupts his soul
All kings are weak
All kings trade heart for gold
You look so lovely
in your royal bigotry
Dirty deeds with dirty men
A funeral for your honesty
Now we see what you really are
Now you see your actions leave a scar
Track Name: Hypertension
Track Name: Earth Becomes Me
I lay sleeping/ beneath the frozen clay/
In maddening silence/ I soundly lay/
My grave is wide/ My grave is deep/
I cannot hear my loved ones weep

All these emotions/ I can't express/
My body starts to regress/
and still I keep swell company/
The worm eats me and the devil makes three/

Life expunged/ Earth takes back/
Insanity grips me/ I face the black/

Earth becomes me/